An Eco-Conscious Easter

Last year Easter was just a few weeks before I really jumped into low waste living. As I looked back at photos I cringe a little (okay a lot.) I wasted so many resources. I am making it up this year by not only changing my habits but hopefully influencing others to see how their… Continue reading An Eco-Conscious Easter


Low Waste Kitchen

I tend to spend a lot of my home time in the kitchen. Children require a lot of meals, which really makes me dread the teenage years even least they will be able to make their own food, right? Grocery shopping is one of (in my opinion) the most important ways to reduce waste… Continue reading Low Waste Kitchen


Our First Garden

I'm a daydreamer because I have always been a book reader. When I was younger I read "The Secret Garden" and ever since I knew one day I wanted a big garden with lots of roses and vines growing up walls. That dream hasn't changed but the garden I did create as an adult is… Continue reading Our First Garden

Me, Myself & I

Futuristic February

I did it guys, I freaking did it. Not only did I convince Dan to allow me to collect trash for a month (he legit thinks I'm crazy at this point so whateva) but, I actually went through with it! Here I am 28 days later and I never thought I would be so proud… Continue reading Futuristic February


My Low Waste Bathroom

I want to start sharing some of the low waste products I've switched around my home since I started this low waste living! When talking about waste, what better room to start in than the bathroom! One of the first products I dropped was my plastic toothbrush. Did you know every toothbrush you've ever used… Continue reading My Low Waste Bathroom

Daily Blog Post

Minimalism + Zero Waste

I've only had a minimalistic mindset for a year now but I've had a feel of the benefits, and I don't see myself ever going back. Minimalism started for me because I was looking into reducing my environmental impact and I soon found out, minimalism is a the basic concept of "going zero waste." Reducing… Continue reading Minimalism + Zero Waste


Minimalist Gift Guide

The best gifts we can give others are thoughtful, meaningful or useful. We can search stores and stand in long lines for deals but most of those gifts end up not used, given away, or even trashed. We can do some simple out side of the box thinking to make gift giving easy, all while… Continue reading Minimalist Gift Guide